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Chapter 2

            Back to the Dream

In my dream, I was angry with my mom. So I went out towards the playground. It was near a construction site. From a distance, I could see something burning. But what was it? I went closer, and oh my! What did I see?
I thought it was coming from the construction site. When I got closer, I could see a UFO burning, and a person was there. When he came closer, he almost looked like me, to my utter surprise. It was as if I was meeting my ‘twin’.
Upon asking, he introduced himself as Dhruvansh, a boy from Mars. He was about my age, 12 years old and was living in the year 2045 on Mars! Dhruvansh, I thought, almost my namesake, Dhruv, was my twin from Mars!
We could converse as Dhruvansh knew English and Hindi. On asking, interestingly, I learnt he was also angry with his mother. “too many coincidences”, I thought and invited him to my house.
All my anger went off discovering my ‘twin’, and I ran towards my house holding Dhruvansh’s hand. I was excited to tell my mother how I found my “twin, ” and he was from Mars!!! My parents were shocked to see him as much as I was. I convinced them to host Dhruvansh till a new spaceship was made for him. He told me that he was going towards the Sun, but Earth’s gravity pulled his spaceship down to Earth.